winners keep coming -harvest Day 7/1, nicely indeed 2/1

daily log for premim tips january 2019

1st 2 seconds 7/1 and 8/1                  loss on day 1.88pts

2nd-4th no service - severe illlness 

5thn 8/1 2nd                                    losss on day 1.5pts                           

6th glan y gors wins 16/1                   profit on day 6.6pts

7th nap - wot  a shot wins 7/2            profit on day 1.88pts

8th 2 places 7/1 & 20/1                     profit on day 1.2pts

9th diggin deep wins 4/1                    profit on  day 2.75pts

10th the tight choice wins 10/1           profit on day 7.5pts

11th 2 2nds 6/1 , 11/2                        loss on day 2.1pt

12th 1place 6/1                                  loss on day 3.4pts

13th nap dimple wins 11/4                   profit on day 1.07pts

14th midnight bliss wins 5/1                profit on day 2.25pts

15th no returns from 4 tips                  loss on day 4.5pts

16th 1 place 9/1                                  loss on day 2.4pts

17th no returns from 4 tips                   loss on day 4.5pts

18th now mcginty wins 5/1                   loss on day 2pta

19th Balymoy wins 9/2                         profit on day 3.5pts

20th 1 place 8/1                                  loss on day 2.75pts

21st no returns from 3 tips                    loss on day 3.25pts

22nd Harvest Day wins 7/1                   profit on day 0.2pts

23rd  No return from 1 tip                    loss on day 1pt

24th Navajo Star wins 7/2                     profit on day 1pt

25th 1 place  6/1                                loss on  day 2.4pts

26th 1 place 7/1                                 loss on day 4.05pts

27th Nicely Indeed wins 2/1                 Loss on day 1.5pts

28 th Nap Castle Hill Cassie wins 9/4     profit on day 0.63pts

29th 2 2nds 11/2 & 10/1                      Level day

30th No advice

31st A 2nd @ 22/1                               loss on day 2.25pts      

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