A Magnificent Monday, 3 winners @ 3/1. 7/2 & 4/1

Daily log for Premium Tips February 2019

1st no advice

2nd Dolos wins 9/2

folsom blue placed 7/1                 profit on day 3.28pts 

3rdSeasearch wins 10/3               profit on day 1.16pts

4th 1 place 12/1                          Loss on day 2pts

5th Royal cosmic wins 6/1             profit on day 2.6pts

6th 2 places 6/1 & 11/1                Loss on day 1.32pts

7th 1 place @ 10/1                      loss on day 1.75pts

8th-12th No racing

13th purple rock wins 3/1             profit on day 0.5pts

14th no returns from 3 tips            loss on day 4pts

15th 2 places 11/2 & 7/1               loss on day 2.63pts

16th Nap Alsvinder wins 15/2

Jester Jet winsc 4/1                       Profit on day 14.25pts

17th 11 place 8/1                          Loss on day 2.2pts

18th Duke Cosimo dead heats 

for win @ 9/1                                profit on day 0.25pts

19th 2 places 9/1 & 12/1                Loss on day 1.1pts

20th 1 place 20/1                           loss on day 1.5pts

21st Dyliev wins 14/1 

also a 6/1 place                              Profit on day 5.9pts

22nd Printing Dollars wins 9/4          Loss on day 0.56pts

23rd Erick La rouge wins 11/2

Rakematiz wins 7/2

Highest Sun wins 3/1                       Profit on day 15.88pts

24th No returns from 2 tips              Loss on day 3pts

25th Nap oh land abloom wins 7/2

ding ding wins 4/1

Plantagent wins 3/1                         Profit on day 13.5pts 

26th Alminar dead heat win 7/1

1 place 8/1                                      Profit on day 0.25pts 

27th 1 place 6/1                             Loss on day 3.5pts

28th no returns from 4 tips              loss on day 5.25pts


recent review


the very wondefrul Erick Ls Rouge swent 4 from 4 this season staying on boldly in a tight finsh @ 11/2

The nap Rakematiz also battled on well for the narrow 7/2 and for good measure the advised Fc landed paying over £20 

Highest Sun was a facile winner @ 3/1 but the final tip Corinthis night could only manage a decent 3rd, but still ran beloe his best and it cost members a prety penny on the recommended multi. but the 3 winners delivered a very healthy return 


sunday- calvigny tried to come from a long way back , but the birds ahead had flown and was a decent 4th

the other tip struggled from some way out racing as if something was amiss.



Ding Ding maintained her massive love affair with puliing right away for the 4/1 win

Oh Land Abloom gamely clung on for the win landing the 7/2 nap with an expected all the way win

plantagent won with authority @ 3/1, so we found ourselves in the same position as just two days ago. 3 from 3 and a massive sweat on the last runner for a huge multi , but Raucous was given a lot to do in the short straight at Wolver . but finished well to be a close 3rd @ 5/1

multi players have thus had two hefty pick ups in the last 3 days and of course that feeling which is imposible to price when waiting for the last one in your bet. hopefully we'll crack one soon

Tuesday- mid day Gun was rntitled to run a big race but maybe the combination of the softer ground than expected and the flat track resulted in just a fair run.

Aliminer waswel supported , but was outpaced entering the straight and looked out of it, but he just kept on galloping and came from an impossible position to force a dead heat @ 7/1 incredible viewing.

limerick lord ran a most honest race disputing a strong pace from a poor draw and keeping on pluckily to be 3rd @ 8/1 



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