Delta Work another winning month on a high

Daily log of Premium tips for April 2019


1st Glory Awaits 2nd 11/1 

Lucky lodge close 2nd 20/1 

Fanforade placed 11/1                         Profit on day 1.95pts 


2nd Nap Our place in Louie wins 5/1     Profit on day 5pts

3rd Nap Enola Gay wins 10/3

Carroll's Milan wins 10/3

Batata Bay wins 10/1                            Profit on day 15pts

 4th No returns from 4 tips                   Loss on day 5pts

5th NO returns from 6 tips                    Loss on day 7.25pts

6th Irish Octave wins 9/1

2 10/1 places                                       Profit on day 4.9pts

7th Newtide wins 4/1

also 8/1 2nd                                        profit on day 2.75pts

8th Cultreim Abbey wins 14/1                Profit on day 5.25pts

9th No returns from 3 tips                     Loss on day 3.25 pts

10th Nao saisons Dor win 13/2

Also 2 places 7/1 & 18/1                       Profit on day 4.9pts 

11th Faverham wins 11/4

also a 6/1 place                                    profit on day 1.44pts

12th 1 place 9/1                                   Loss on day 3.06pts

13th no returns from 4 tips                    Loss on day 5.5pts

14th No returns from 4 tips                    loss on day 4.75pts

15th Incentive wins 7/1

Broad Appeal placed 10/1                       Profit on day 3.13pts

16th No returns from 3 tips                     Loss on day 3.5pts

17th 2 places 8/1 & 10/1                        Loss on day 0.88pts

18th Nap Havinagoodtime wins 3/1          Profit on day 0.5pts

19th Nap Pizzicato win 4/1                      Profit in day 1.75

 20th Preening 2nd 14/1                          Loss on day 2.1pts

21st Elfine 2nd 25/1                               Loss on day 1,5pts

22nd No returns frpm 4 tips                    Loss on day 4.5pts

23rd Nap First of Never wins 8/1

Billyaokes placed 7/1                               Profit on day 5.82pts

24th Just that Lord wins 5/1

Lamh ar Lamh wins 11/2                          Profit on day 10.88pt

25th 1 place 7/1                                      Loss on day 3.8pts

26th No returns from 4 tips                       Loss on day 4pts

27th 1 place 11/1                                     Loss on day 2pts

28th no returns from 4 tips                       loss on day 5.25pts

29th 1 place 8/1                                       loss on day 2.95pts

30th Delta Work wins 7/4                           Profit on day 1pt

Recent Review

Tuesday - It was fair to expect a lot more from fitzy after his excellent previous run, but he finished in mid div , msybe the ground a bit too quick .

The very classy young chaser Delta Work landed the Grade 1 Chase with utmost ease making his odds of 7/4 looking relatively most generous

Tin fandango struggled to go the pace under the penalty and his limitations exposed, but still showed plenty of spirit






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