It's a Fantastic Friday with 2 winners @ 4/1 & 15/2

Daily lof of Premium Tips for May 2019

1st Double @ 11/8 & 13/8               Profit on day 6.48pts

2nd 2 places @ 16/1 & 11/1             Loss on day 0.9pts

3rd Kalabaloo wins 13/2                  Profit on day 0.81pts

4th NO returns from 5 tips               Loss on day 5.5pts 

5th No returns from 3 tips                Loss on day 5pts

6th Nap Telson Barley wins 6/1

also short head 2nd 15/2                 Profit on day 4.88pts

7th Nap Cappananty Con wins 4/1    Profit on day 1.5pts

8th No returns from 4 tips                Loss on day 4.75pts

9th No returns from 4 tips                Loss on day 4pts

10th Nap Aquarium wins 9/1             Profit on day 4.6pts

11th Canton City wins 8/1                Profit on day 1.3pts

12th No returns from 3 tips             Loss on day 4.5pts

13th Mi Capricho dead heat first 4/1

Lady in Authority wins 9/2               Profit on day 6pts

14th Sir Roderic wins 3/1                 Loss on day 0.5pts

15th No returns from 4 tips              Loss on day 4pts

16th A 2nd & 3rd but no returns 

from 3 tips                                      Loss on day 3.75pts

17th Embour wins 6/1 

Magenetic Force wins 8/1                  Profit on day 8.7pts

18th 2 places 5/1 & 14/1                  Loss on day 0.88pts

19th Nap Gold Filigree wins 9/2          Profit on day 1.25pts 

20th La Sioux wins 3/1,

Tadaawol wins 4/1                           Profit on day 6.88pts

21st No returns from 2 tips                Loss on dat 2.25pts

22nd The Resdev Way wins 4/1          Profit on day 6.88pts

23rd Precious Plum wins 5/1              Profit on day 2.75pts

24th Nap Sandy Boy wins 5/2             Profit on day 0.63pts

25th Lucky deal wins 4/1

Kaeso wins 4/1                                 Profit on day 5.5pts

26th Nap Multigifted wins 7/1             Profit on day 6.57pts

27th 1 place 7/1                                Loss on day 3.12pts

28th Nap Victoriano wins 7/2              Profit on day 1.25pts

29th NO returns from 4 tips                Loss on day 4.75pts

30th 7/1 2nd and other 2 tips placed   Loss on day 2.13pts

31st Mountain Angel wins 4/1

Nap You're Cool wins 15/2

Also an 8/1 place                                Profit in day 8.75pts 


Recent Review

Thursday General Allenby had all the dangers well cooked and was on his way to a deserved win, but was undone by a withering late run from an unlikely source in the maiden Maid in Manhattan , whose recent runs were extremely poor , so unlucky not to collect first prize.

Sameem hard to go out quite hard to take his preferred pitch up front and was run down late on by a big improver in fox Premier. Still a very good run coming 2nd @ 4/1

the Nap Sioux Frontier just found the combination of the softening ground and the stiff track too tiring, but did his best to be third @ 5/1.

Another very nice pick up for multi players with all 3 tips hitting the frame


Friday- Masham Star didn't mange to lead the pack from the wide draw, but did very well to hsng on as long as he did bur faded late on to finish a good 4th . Which we get paid on with Bet365 paying an extra place.

Mountain Angel doubled up on a recent win over C&d with a similar style victory, but was paddling a bit late on, but still did enough for the 4/1 win

I expected Dizzy G to make all but wasn't well behaved at the start and after showing a bit of early , fell away disappointingly, so can only be watched for now.

The nap You're Cool willingly came late and quick for an excellent win at 15/2


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