We end a successful month with winners @ 8/1 & 4/1

Daily log of Premium tips for July 2019

1st Embour wins 7/2             Profit on day 0.38pts

2nd No returns from 3 tips     Loss on day 4pts

3rd No returns from 4 tips      Loss on day 6.5pts

4th For JIm wins 5/2             Loss on day 0.62pts

5th Nap Queen's gift wins 9/1

Liberty Beach wins 5/2

Knight Crusader wins 10/1

Templepark neck 2nd 13/2     Profit on day 16.6pts

6th Nap Gabrial The Devil 

wins 5/1 

Also 17/2 place                      Profit on day 5pts

7th Indian Temple wins 10/3    Profit on day 0.9pts 

8th Royal Duchess wins 13/2 

and a 15/2 place                    Profit on day 5.97pts

9th No returns from 3 tips       Loss on day 4pts

10th Sonnet Rose wins 5/2      Loss on day 0.5pts 

11th Gale Force Mays wins 8/1

Nap Ragstone View wins 11/1  Profit on day 14.12pts

12th Kings Advice wins 10/1     Profit on day 2pts

Also 24/1 fc advised 

13th 1 2nd but no returns        Loss on day 6.25pts

14th 2 seconds but no returns  Loss on day 4.5pts

But a 21/1 fc advised

15th 2 seconds but no returns  Loss on day 6pts

16th Thorntoun Care wins 9/2   Profit on day 0.88pts

17th Hart Stopper wins 5/2

Sweet Forgetme Not. 

close 2nd 13/2                        Profit on day 1.15pts

18th No returns from 4 tips      Loss on day 4.75pts

19th No returns from 4 tips      Loss on day 5pts

20th Beeno wins 7/2

Billy Ray 2nd 18/1

Justatenner 2nd 7/2

Hey Gaman 2nd 5/2                Profit on day 3.58pts

21st No returns from 3 tips      Loss on day 3.75pts

22nd Luiz Vaz De Torres 

wins 10/1

Nap Betty Grable beaten neck

but £26 fc advised                   Profit on day 1.5pts

23rd- 29th No advice- holiday

30th Dr Doro wins 8/1              Profit on day 2.8pts

31st Nap Fox Hill wins 4/1

Eminence wins 7/1                   Profit 3.4pts 

Recent review


First Sitting couldn't take advantage of a good mark over his favourite C&d and disappointed, but he did lose a couple of shoes, but still fair to expect more.

Dr Doro was ridden closer to the pace and kicked for home some way out , and just had another left tp prevail at 8/1

The admirable Hadaya again ran her race, but off a testing matk, finished just out of the places.she needs help from the handicapper


Wednesday- Mancini ran well for a long way but plainly didn't see the trip out, but not one to give up on over shorter.

Eminence certainly ran his race coming a good 3rd, but is another just too high in the weights.

The unexpected heavy rain was right against Tokeramore, who ran well for most of the race until the unfavourable deep ground took its toll.

The Nap, fox Hill did very well to win as this frint runner fluffed the start but came with  a withering late run to land the spolis at 4/1 

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