Thontoun Care gets us back among the winners @ 9/2

Daily log of Premium tips for July 2019

1st Embour wins 7/2             Profit on day 0.38pts

2nd No returns from 3 tips     Loss on day 4pts

3rd No returns from 4 tips      Loss on day 6.5pts

4th For JIm wins 5/2             Loss on day 0.62pts

5th Nap Queen's gift wins 9/1

Liberty Beach wins 5/2

Knight Crusader wins 10/1

Templepark neck 2nd 13/2     Profit on day 16.6pts

6th Nap Gabrial The Devil 

wins 5/1 

Also 17/2 place                      Profit on day 5pts

7th Indian Temple wins 10/3    Profit on day 0.9pts 

8th Royal Duchess wins 13/2 

and a 15/2 place                    Profit on day 5.97pts

9th No returns from 3 tips       Loss on day 4pts

10th Sonnet Rose wins 5/2      Loss on day 0.5pts 

11th Gale Force Mays wins 8/1

Nap Ragstone View wins 11/1  Profit on day 14.12pts

12th Kings Advice wins 10/1     Profit on day 2pts

Also 24/1 fc advised 

13th 1 2nd but no returns        Loss on day 6.25pts

14th 2 seconds but no returns  Loss on day 4.5pts

But a 21/1 fc advised

15th 2 seconds but no returns  Loss on day 6pts

16th Thorntoun Care wins 9/2   Profit on day 0.88pts

Recent review

Tuesday- The frustrating run of seconds continued with Victoriana a close 2nd @ 7/2 , the 6th 2nd in 4 days ! 

I napped Northern Lyte but sadly she's not as progressive as her profil suggested and could only manage an ok 3rd.

Thornton Care , as predicted, came late , fast and willingly to snatch the spoils at 9/2

Fantastic MS Fox was very easy in the market, for no good reason, but after making the running , dropped back into 4th, scuppering the place acca in the multi and finishing behind a pair she was well entitled to beat. A headscratcher of a run

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