The winners keep on coming . 4 in the last 3 days @ 9/4, 4/1, 4/1 & 5/1

Daily log for Premium Tips for January 2020

1st No returns from 4 tips                        Loss on day 4.75pts

2nd Nap Bendy Spirit wins 5/2

Toro Dorado wins 11/4                            Profit on day 5.94pts

3rd Navajo Dawn wins 13/2 

Also 8/1 place                                         Profit on day 3.65pts

4th 2 places @ 9/2 & 6/1 

also 5/2 2nd                                            Loss on day 2.84pts

5th No returns from 2 tips                        Loss on day 2pts

6th 2 places both at 6/1                           Loss on day 0.62pts

7th no returns from 3 tips                        Loss on day 5.75pts

8th Miss Thoughtful wins 7/1                    Profit on day 1.45pts

9th Zulu Zander wins 9/2                         Profit on day 1.88pts

10th Ballet Red wins 7/1                          Profit on day 0.2pts

11th No returns from 4 tips                      Loss on day 5.25pts

12th 1 9/1 place                                     Loss on day 3.1pts

13th 16/1 place                                      Loss on day 0.25pts

14th Split down south wins 4/1                 Profit on day 3.75pts

15th No returns from 2 tips                      Loss on day 2.25pts 

16th Certain lad wins 33/1                        Profit on day 15.8pts

17th Pammi 2nd 20/1                              Loss on day 0.5pts

18th Silca Eclipse wins 7/1 

Also 13/2 2nd                                         Profit on day 1.85pts

19th Seaforth wins 8/1 

Also 20/1 place                                       Profit on day 5.05pts

20th No returns from 4 tips                      Loss on day 5.5pts

21st Fortamour wins 4/1 ( After R4)

lucky lodge wins 9/2 

Champagne Rules 2nd 11/1                      Profit on day 11.22pts

22nd Schiellian Munro wins 4/1                 Profit on day 2pts

23rd Strictlyadancer wins 5/1 

Massini's dream wins 4/1 

Beau Bay 2nd 14/1                                  Profit on day 10.65pts

24th Griggy wins 9/4 ( after R4)

Also a 9/1 place                                       Profit on day 2.48pts 


Recent review -

Thursday- Great start to the day with both of the Fakenham tips in Strictlya dancer and Massini's Dream winning at 5/1 and 4/1 

We were unlucky with Beau Bay , who ran a stormer to be 2nd at 14/1 as the winner, a longshot had never even hinted that a longer trip would suit .

I was very keen on the chance of Grandscape, but never reaaly got into the race finishing 4th and scuppering a nice payday for the multi 

Friday- Wishfull dreaming was never really in it and for once failed to make the frame. The Game Is on again ran his race finishing 2nd to a very much in form rival @ 9/1 . Griggy made no mistake at Wolver , winning with ease @ 9/4 

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