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Daily log of Premium tips for August 2020

1st No returns from 4 tips                     Loss on day 6.25pts 

2nd Water Edge placed 8/1                   Loss on day 1.8pts 

3rd no returns from 1 tip                       Loss on day 1.25ptsSie

4th Pearl Beach wins 10/1 

Twin  Appeal close 2nd 14/1                   Profit on day 5.9 pts

5th john kirkup wins 9/2

Sienna dream placed                              profit on day 4.33pts

6th Princely wins 10/3

Nap Getawaytonewbay wins 17/2

Glentun wins 3/1                                    Profit on day 15.12pts

7th Both tipped placed                            Loss on day 2.5pts 

8th 3 tips placed but no returns                Loss on day 5.25pts

9th Lady Nectar wins 6/1                         Profit on day 4.75pt

10th 1 place 8/1                                     Loss on day 2.84pts

11th Somethinboutangela wins 7/4           Profit on day 2.25pts

12th No returns from 3 tips                      Loss on day 3.25pts

13th Edgewood wins 3/1                          Level day 

14th 1 6/1 place

15th 2 places 11/2 13/2                           Loss on day 0.44pts

16th Minnie of Mayo wins 5/2 

Also close 2nd 7/1                                   Profit on day 1.45pts 

17th No returns from 3tips                        Loss on day 3.5pts

18th No return from 1 tip                          Loss on day 1pt

19th No returns from 2 tips                       Loss on day 2.5pts 

20th 1 place 15/2                                     Loss on day 3.68pts

21st No returns from 4 tips                       Loss on day 5.75pts

22nd 1 place 13/2                                    Loss on day 3pts

23rd No returns from 4 tips                       Loss on day 4.5pts 

24th No returns from 3 tips                       Loss on day 3.75pts

25th No returns from 4 tips                       Loss on day 4.5pts

26th No returns from 2 tips                       Loss on day 2.25pts 

27th No returns from 3 tips                        Loss on day 4.5pts

28th 2 places                                           Loss on day 2pts

29th 1 2nd                                               Loss on day 4.75pts

30th Nap Happy Power wins 11/4

Typhoon Ten placed 9/1 

Amalfi Doug placed 10/1                            PROFIT 5.5pts

31st No returns from 3 tips                        Loss on day 3.75pts 


Recent review -

Sunday - A very welcome winner thanks to Happy Power who overcame a slow start to stick on well to land the Nap @ 11/4

Both Typhoon Ted and Amalfi Doug ran really well hitting the frame at 9/1 & 10/1

Monday -- Hats Off to larry batteled bravely but just looks too high in the handicap . Tinto was the outsider of five but I was very confident but was outpaced from flagfall and never got into the race and all I can put it down to is the stable's current spell of modest form

River Dawn again  ran a good race coming 3rd but is a bit high in the weights and would prefer less demanding ground 

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