We end another successful month with a 16/1 winner in Justatenner

Daily log of Premium Tip advice for October 2020

1st Cogital wins 3/1  

Old news wins 6/1                    Profit on day 5.5pts

8th Maykir wins 3/1

Northern Charm 2nd 11/1          Profit on day 3.4pts

9th Prince Alex wins 7/1

Nap Happy Power wins 4/1        Profit on day 7.7pts 

10th 1 place 10/1                     Loss on day 1.5pts

11th 1 place                             Loss on day 2.7pts 

12th 2 places 5/1 & 6/1             Loss on day 1.28pts

13th No returns from 3 tips        Loss on day 3.5pts

14th Desert Doctor wins 17/2     Profit on day 1.25pts 

15th No returns from 2 tips         Loss on day 2.5pts

16th No returns from 3 tips        Loss on day 4pts

17th Aldeyyab wins 9/1 

Fidux wins 6/1

The Revenant wins 5/1 

One Master close 3rd 11/2          Profit on day 15.67pts

18th Captains Run 2nd 6/1          Loss on day 2.4pts 

19th No returns from 4 tips         Loss on day 5.5pts

20th No returns from 3 tips         Loss on day 4.5pts

21st Fugitive's drift wins 5/2        Profit on day 2.75pts

22nd 2 places @ 11/2 & 10/1      Loss on day 1.3pts

23rd Boston George wins 11/4

Molls Memory wins 7/2

Other two tips placed 

4/1 & 6/1                                   Profit on day 8.23pts

24th Some Chaos wins 10/3

Bobby Shaft wins 16/1                 Profit on day 11.16pts

25th Minellacelebration wins 15/2 Profit on day 2.69pts 

26th Bringitonboris close 3rd 11/2 Loss on day 2.2pts

27th A close 2nd 7/2                    Loss on day 3.5pts

28th Sarahs Hope wins 6/1

Court Royale wins 5/2                  Profit on day 3.6pts 

29th Arzaak wins 5/1

Queen of Kalahari close 2nd           Profit on day 1.84pts

30th No returns from 4 tips            Loss on day 5.5pts

31st justatenner wins 16/1             Profit on day 5.1pts



Recent review- 

Saturday - It was fitting that we end another highly profitable month with a long priced winner with the very wonderful Justatenner @ 16/1 . This smooth traveller took it up in the heavy ground after the last ,but there was a trio snapping at his hooves , and they can stop in the mud, but he was having none of it and bravely saw it out to the line

I was pretty confident with the other three tips as they all had excellent C&D form , no issues with the ground and all come to hand early, but it didn't work out at all. Bollin Ace was starting to struggle when taking a rare fall, Ballyoptic was easy to back despite stable confidence and never looked confortable and was pulled up with somr way to go while Velator is usually a hold up horse and was given a prominent ride and my worries came to light as he dropped out entering the straight . Just goes to show , in horse racing no such thing as a certainty , even if all the boxes are ticked  

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