A Go Go ends us on a high landing the 13/2 Nap

Daily log of Premium Tip advice for November 2020

1st Shanrou sunset 2nd 15/2                           Loss on day 1.84pts

2nd Mini Milk close 2nd 9/2

Manton Grange close 2nd 11/1                         Loss on day 2.15pts 

3rd No returns from 4 tips .                             Loss on day 4.75pts

4th Foxy Femme placed 12/1                           Loss on day 2.95pts

5th No returns from 3 tips                               Loss on day 4pts

6th Dawaaleeb wins 10/3                                Profit on day 2.66pts

7th 1 place                                                    Loss on day 3.1pts

8th No returns from 2 tips                               Loss on day 2.5pts

9th Free love close 2nd 5/1                              Loss on day 2.5pts

10th Queens Course wins 9/2                          Profit on day 1.81pts

11th Razor Glass wins 3/1                               Profit on day 2.25pts

12th No returns from 3 tips                             Loss on day 3.75pts

13th One True King close 2nd 4/1                    Loss on day 4.25pts

14th Nap Anisoptera wins 11/4

Love of Zoffany wins 5/1                                 Profit on day 8.38pts 

15th No returns from 4 tips                              Loss on day 4pts

16th No returns from 3 tips                              Loss on day 4.25pts

17th Lexi The One wins 7/4 

Loulin wins 5/2

Luscifer wins 5/2                                            Profit on day 8pts 

18th All 3 tips placed 

12/1, 10/1 .7/2                                               Profit on day 0.8pts

19th Ballyhome wins 11/2                                Profit on day 2.38pts

20th Nap Perfect Swiss wins 9/2   

First Reponse placed 7/1                                  Profit on day 2.25pts

21st 3 of 4 tips placed                                      Loss on day 4pts

22nd 1 place @ 7/1                                         Loss on day 1.81pts

23rd Gumra wins 11/2

Locks Corner wins 7/2

other 2 tips both placed                                   Profit on  day 8.25pts

24th No returns from 3 tips                              Loss on day 3.75pts

25th No returns from 4 tips                              Loss on day 5.25pts

26th Nobel Joshua wins 4/1

Young John wins 5/2

Espressino 2nd 6/1 

Gravity Force 3rd                                              Profit on day 8.63pts 

27th Nap Bayston Hill wins 8/1                          Profit on day 1.8pts

28th no returns from 4 tips                               Loss on day 5.5pts

29th No returns from 3 tips                               Loss on day 3.25pts

30th Nap A Go Go wins 13/2                             Profit on day 3.85pts



Recent review 

Monday - Achill Road Boy was going perfectly well when taking a tumble, we've had a few too many of these of late . Solar Park finished well but could only manage 3rd behind a couple of longshots . A Go Go , as usual , took the bull by the horns and had plenty left for the 13/2 win 


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