Not the end I wanted but two close seconds . Still a highly successful month

Daily log of Premium Tip advice for December 2020

1st No returns from 3 tips                       Loss on day 3.75pts

2nd No returns from 4 tips                      Loss on day 5.5pts

3rd 1 place 10/1                                     Loss on day 2.25pts

4th Dawaaleeb wins 5/1 

also 8/1 place                                        profit on day 2.63pts

5th Nap Beau Bay wins 25/1 

Mythmaker close 2nd 8/1

The Paddy Pie placed 16/1

Other tip 4th                                          Profit on day 16.43pts

6th Sezina placed 6/1 

Loulin 2nd 7/2                                        Loss on day 3.15pts 

7th No returns from 3 tips                        Loss on day 3.5pts

8th Talktomenow wins 15/2                     Profit on day 4pts

9th Dashing Kiss wins 11/2 

Cudgel wins 5/1                                      Profit on day 10.38 pts 

10th Donald Dux wins 3/1 

Big Country wins 9/2

Also a 9/2 2nd                                        Profit on day 5.65pts

11th 5/1 place

8/1 2nd beaten a short head                     Loss on day 1.95pts

12th A 16/1 place                                    Loss on day 2,15pts

13th 10/1 place                                        Loss on day 1.75pts

14th No returns from 3 tips                       Loss on day 3.25pts

15th 3 placed horses 

8/1, 10/3, 13/2                                        Loss on day 1.74pts

16th Nap Sir Hector wins 4/1 

Lady Pendragon wins 5/1

Another Venture wins 17/2 

Thegallantway placed 8/1                         Profit on day 13.75pts

17th 1 12/1 place                                     Loss on day 2pts

18th Trouser The Cash wins 2/1                Loss on day 0.25pts

19th Chti Balko wins 3/1 

Shesasupermack wins 11/4                        Profit on day 4.88pts

20th No returns from 2 tips                        Loss on day 2.25pts 

21st Barnay wins 9/2

Also close 2nd 3/1                                    Profit on day 3.13pts

22nd C'Est No Mour wins 22/1                   Profit on day 10.7pts

23rd-25th no service CHRISTMAS 

26TH Nap Mint Condition wins 5/2              Profit on day 0.88pts

27th 1 8/1 place                                       Loss on day 2.05pts

28th Nap Brancaster wins 10/3

Also a 7/1 place                                        Profit on day 3.57pts 

 29th No returns from 3 tips                       Loss on day 3.5pts

30th No returns from 3 tips                         Loss on day 3.5pts 

31st No returns from 4 tips 


Recent Review

Wednesday - Hugo's other Horse again ran a good race and was only beaten a couple of lenghts over the 3 mile trip but just out the frame in a close 4th . He remains a maiden but is consistent and remains of interest .

Cyclop was given a very confident ride by the young jockey and it turned out to be too confident as he came late and fast but a neck shy at the line . A most unlucky defeat .

Steeltiver was travelling very well just behind the pace, as usual but could only keep going at one pace to be an OK 4th . 

All 3 tips ran well and with a little bit of luck could have been another really good day .

Thursday - Via serendipity certainly ran his race coming 2nd behind the mightily progressive Fox Duty Free and time will show he had an impossible task at the weights . Very much of interest in all big races on polytrack

Quen's Court looked very much a blot in the handicap on her progressive profile and also on her excellent 2nd in a Listed race where she ran a stone above her mark but she was held fair and square in this beaten a few lengths and is not as progressive as she appeared .

Comeatchoo didn't get the early lead he needs but still ran a gallant race . From a better draw he'll be competitive in the future

Rockley Point looked very likely to save the day as the front runner had them all on the stretch until chinned by a rank outsider very hard to consider . 

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