Great finish to the month with 4 winners in 3 days - 4/1, 4/1, 6/1 & 13/2

Daily log of Premium Tip advice for January 2021

1st Nap Maykir wins 11/2 

Oscar Ceremony beaten 

a nose 3/1                                           Profit on day 4.63pts

2nd Crosspark 2nd 8/1                          Loss on day  2pts

3rd De Forgotten One wins 4/1

Dirchill placed 8/1

Bard of Brittany close 2nd 6/1                 Profit on day 2.5pts

4th No returns from 3 tips                      Loss on day 3.5pts 

5th Nap Desert Land wins 15/2

Uncle Bernie wins 9/1                             Profit on day 11.15pts 

 6th No returns from 3 tips                      Loss on day 3.75pts

7th Both tips close 2nds                         Loss on day 2.5pts

8th 1 2nd -No returns from 2 tips            Loss on day 2.25pts

9th A nose 2nd, 2 3rds 1 4th 

i faller when in contention  but no

Returns from 6 tips                                Loss on day 9.25pts

10th Franckie Du Berlais wins 6/1 

a 2nd & 2 3rds                                      Loss on day 0.15pts 

11th No returns from 3 tips                    Loss on day 3pts

12th Nap Smokey wins 6/1 

Also a close 2nd 4/1                              Profit on day 2.4pts

13th Nap The Good ting wins 13/2          Profit on day 3.84pts

14th No returns from 4 tips                    Loss on day 5.25pts

15th Manjaam wins 4/1                          Profit on day 1pts

16th No returns from 4 tips                    Loss on day 4.75pts

17th a close 3rd @ 7/1                          Loss on day 1.05pts

18th A close 2nd @ 9/2                          Loss on day 2.05pts

19th Nap  Neetside wins 2/1

A 10/1 place and a 4th                            Profit on day 2.75pts

20th No returns from 3 tips                      Loss on day 3.75pts

21st Nap Highland Dress wins 7/2

A 5/1 place and other two 4th                  Profit on  day 2.87pts 

22nd No returns from 4 tips                     Loss on day 5pts

23rd 1place                                            Loss on  day 3.85pts

24th No Service

25th No returns from 4 tips                       Loss on day 5pts

26th 1 place                                            Loss on day 1.8pts 

27th No returns from 3 tips                       Loss on day 3.5pts

28th No returns from 4 tips                       Loss on day 4.5pts

 29th Lucky ava wins 4/1 

Crimewave wins 4/1                                 Profit on day 6.75pts

30th Nap The Late Legend wins 6/1           Profit on day 1.6pts

31st Comeatchoo wins 13/2                       Profit on day 1.65pts




Recent review 

Friday - Lucky ava came through very well to win with ease at 4/1 . This wasn't a big ask and could struggle with a penalty . Crimewave was another to win with plenty in hand despite being forced wide at the final bend but ran on strongly for a clear win . He'll be hit hard for this win  and is going to find things tougher for a while . The wonderful Irish mare Augusta Gold switched to hurdles on a realy good mark compared to her chase mark and despite again running her race, 4th in the massive field , she's a better chaser and maintained her incredible record of never ever being out of the first 4 . She's always  one to consider . 


Saturday Corri Londo could certanly be given a chance on her refecent form and looked threatening entering the straight, but dropped out quite quickly . The deep ground was no issue so probably a combination of the higher mark and quicker track. May be of interest in the future .

Rochester House was forced to go quicker than ideal and he was one of the many who pushed the strong pace along to pay for their exertions and he weakened tamely out the back . He's better than this and would be of interest undr suitable conditions .

The prolific The Late Legend was front rank throughout and had enough in reserve to hold a persistant strong finisher , landing the 6/1 Nap. As this pair were well clear of the rest, he'll receive a stiff penalty but considering his consistency, versatility and determination , worth a second look .


Sunday - Viola Park ran his race but just missed out in a scramble for 3rd . He has regressed and not really one to be piling on in the future. 

I napped Jean's Maite and surprisingly was given a mos positive ride and still led into the final furlong but early exertions paid late on and was a close 3rd . The winner was a market springer from the same stable ???

Comeatchoo gained just reward for a series of good placed efforts with a clear win at 13/2 . He'll be probably handicapped out of things for a while

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