We end the month with a winning 9/2 Nap with Torn and Frayed

Daily log of Premium Tp advice for February 2021

1st No returns from 2 tips                     Loss on day 2.25pts

2nd Nap excessable wins 4/1                 Profit on day 1.5pts

3rd 1 2nd 5/1                                       Loss on day 2.88pts

4th Nap Dawn Breeze wins 7/2

Other tips placed 2/1 & 15/2                  Profit on day 2.75pts

5th Easy as You like wins 85/40              Profit on day 0.4pts

6th Christopher wood wins 7/2

Also 2 2nds and a 4th                            Profit on day 2.02pts

7th No returns from 4 tips                      Loss on day 4.2pts

8th No service 

9th Nap southfield Stone wins 9/4           Profit on day 2.13pts

10th Nap Buy Me Back wins 7/2               Profit on day 4.37pts

11th No returns from 3 tips                     Loss on day 4.25pts

12th Nap requinto Dawn wins 5/1

Zen silence wins 11/4

Other tip a close 3rd                                Profit on day 6.89pts 

13th No returns from 3 tips                      Loss on day 3pts

14th No returns from 2 tips                      Loss on day 2.5pts

15th Sky defender close 2nd 7/1               Loss on day 2.8pts

16th No returns from 4 tips                      Loss on day 4.5pts

17th 2 3rds and a 4th                              Loss on day 2.44pts 

18th Nap fred wins 9/1 

Other 3 tips all 2nd ! 

3/1, 7/1 , 12/1                                         Profit on day 5.05pts

19th No returns from  3 tips                       Loss on day 3.75pts

20th Total Commitment wins 10/3 

12/1 2nd & 9/2 place                                 Profit on day 3.92pts

21st No returns from 2 tips                         Loss on day 2pts

22nd Aronius wins 7/2 

also   a close 2nd 5/1                                 Profit on day 1.5pts

23rd No returns from 2 tips                         Loss on day 2pts

24th Elusive treat wins 7/2 also 

a 2nd @ 7/1                                               Profit on day 2.13pts

25th 2 places @ 6/1 & 12/1                         Loss on day 0.2pts

26th 1 plsce 15/2                                       Loss on day 2.34pts

27th No returns from 3 tips                         Loss on day 4pts

28th Torn and frayed wins 9/2                     Profit on day 3.75pts 




Recent review 

Sunday - Torn and frayed looked to have a good opportunity and made no misrake with a wide margin win @ 9/2

Grand turina made a tight fist of it, but lack of gears told late on and could manage only a respectable 2nd .

Banana Joe was  on and off the bridle but responded to the jockey's urgings but could only plod on at one pace for a pretty disappointing 4th . Doesn't look one to set your clock by .


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