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 October Review : We came out  with a very small profit with the Premium Tips and a very small loss on the Lays

but another good month for the Premium Multi with a profit of £115, ROI 21% . Not a bad month as most punters

and tipsters would be satisfied with a level month considering you’ve also had the pleasure of ploughing through

all the facts and figures , coming up with “ The One” and of course experiencing the thrill of watching the tips, in the main running

big races.




The issue regading your payments directly incrementing your account is still not 100% . It is working 

but not immediately . If you find you don't have access to the Members' area within an hour 

of purchase, please contact me at Twitter or . Apologies . 


Registration problems sadly are still a bit hit and miss .  

If you are experiencing problems please email me .


I thank you for your loyal custom and hope you are enjoying watching the vast majority of the tips 

running big races at big odds 


I have decided to keep stats for Premium tip multis, so you can then see the massive returns possible. 

£20 is a fair stake to risk on the multi. I would recommend the following

A £1 yank ( £11 pound) , or if the tips are long odds, an ew yank 

Extra £1 win doubles

And an extra £1.50 ew acca 


 I have recently switched to Bet365 as my principal bookmaker, and it's been a smart move with so many extra place

races, and as many of my tips are ew , it make sense to include these concessions as part of the stats . I will in future 

point this out with the tip write up 


I consider betting  on the horses my hobby and all hobbies cost money, but I have proved that you can enjoy all the 

pleasures a hobby brings and also come out with a profit .




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            You may have problems  accessing your free trial for Premium tips or lays.

  This is because I have had to implement a new system as I have had active hacking 






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Late start , hospital appointment

Just a reminder that there will be a delay with onsite service today as I have “ another “ hospital appointment, which is early morning so hopeful of write ups, tips etc onsite before the first race . I thank the many of you who have messaged me concerned with my frequent hospital visits, and I’d like just to make public that I’m not in the best of health presently , but nothing life threatening , so they believe , and everything treatable . I’d been pretty healthy until last March when I just knew something wasn’t right and with the lockdown at the time , impossible to be fully examined , but God bless the NHS, I  had some blood tests and a stomach investigation. It turned out I had vitamin deficiencies , which doesn’t sound much, but my levels had dropped so low , it explained some of my symptoms and the  stomach investigation revealed gastritis and an ulcer in the gullet , which explained why I had lost my appetite and quite a lot of weight , which has resulted in muscle wastage . So I was hit with half a dozen issues at once which rendered me feeling generally unwell but the vitamin levels are now back to a good level and the stomach and gullet issues being treated and I’m having physio on my weak muscles , which have responded pleasingly after just a few sessions. It’s been tough remaining chipper during all this but I’m lucky to have plenty of support from family and friends and hopeful of a return to better health sooner than later . I’m fine doing all the work needed for my quality website , it’s a much needed focus . Thank you John .




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