We end the month with a flourish , winners @ 11/4 & 6/1

Daily log of Premium Tip advice for April 2021

1st No Service 

2nd Exalted Angel beaten in photo 15/2             Loss on day 2.95pts

3rd No returns from 3 tips                                 Loss on day 3pts

4th Skyace wins 4/1                                          Level day

5th No Returns from 3 tips                                Loss on day 3pts

6th Villanelle @ 6/1 & 

Bounty Pursuit @ 10/1 both 2nd in photos            Level Day 

7th No Service

8th No returns from 3 tips                                  Loss on day 3.25pts

9th No returns from 4 tips                                  Loss on day 5pts

10th No returns from 4 tips                                Loss on day 4pts

11th No returns from 3 tips                                Loss on day 3,25pts

12th Stopnsearch wins 10/3 

Dawaaleeb close 2nd 6/1                                   Profit on day 4.31pts

13th Old News 2nd 11/1                                    Loss on day 1.4pts

14th All Dillon  wins 6/1 

Victory Angel wins 7/1 

Chil Chil close 2nd 15/2                                      Profit on day 7.13pts 

 15th Nap Creative Force wins 4/1 adv

Bannixtown Glory wins 9/1 

Howzer Black placed 15/2                                   Profit on day 9.38pts

16th Nap Came from The Dark wins 4/1               Profit on day 2.75pts

17th Both tips 2nd but no returns from

2 single tips                                                      Loss on day 2.25pts 

18th Outbox placed 8/1

Addeeyeb close 2nd 9/2                                     Loss on day 2.05pts 

19th Ask Paddington wins 5/1

Really Super 2nd 17/2

Also a 3rd                                                         Profit on day 3.1pts 

20th No returns from 4 tips                                 Loss on day 4.5pts

21st No returns from 3 tips                                 Loss on day 3.25pts

22nd No returns from 4 tips                                Loss on day 4.5pts

23rd Nap Chilli Fili wins 6/1 ( After R4)

Naamoos wins 11/2                                            Profit on day 11.13pts 

24th No returns from 3 tips                                 Loss on day 3.75pts

25th No returns from 2 tips                                  Loss on day 2.5pts

26th 1 12/1 place                                               Loss on day 3..5pts

27th 1 place 8/1                                                  Loss on day 3.25pts 

28th no returns from 2 tips                                  Loss on day 2pts 

29th Sir Rodnetredblood wins 6/1 

Surprise Picture close 3rd 10/1                               Profit on day 1.6pts

30th Atalanta's Boy wins 11/4 

Fifty Shades placed 11/1                                       Profit on day  1.85pts


Recent Review 

Thursday - Host is a hold up horse but was given little chance from too far off the pace and is worth another try .

Surprise Picture came through with a strong finish but went down in a close finish @ 10/1 and looks capable of wins around this mark .

The usually reliable Dreamseller finished tailed off ! but he did bleed severely from  the nose .

It was left to the ultra consistent and willing Sir Rodneyredblood to save the day and he did manage to secure his preferred early lead despite the wide draw and had plenty of challengers late on , but kept on battling and prevailed narrowly @ 6/1. A most plucky run .


Friday- Atalanta's Boy maintained his great record at Goodwood , winning well from the only two dangers @ 11/4 . He may well be capable of more .

We were very unlucky with the Nap Victory Angel who was travelling very well just behind the leaders but had no room at all and the jockey had to sit and wait, but no gap came and when switched, thhe race was over . Certainly worth another chance ,

Fifty Shades ran an honest race finishing a respecable 3rd @ 11/1





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