5 tricky days , we'll recover

Daily log of lay advice for June 2021

1st 2 lays both successful                  Profit on day 2pts 

2nd 5 lays 3 successful                      Profit on day 1.12pts

3rd 3 lays 1 successful                       Loss on day 1,3pts

4th 4 lays 2 successful                       Profit on day 0.23pts

5th 4 lays 2 successful                       Profit on day 0.43pts

 6th 1 lay successful                          Profit on day 1pt

7th 5 lays 2 successful                       Loss on day 2.9pts

8th 1 lay unsuccessful                        Loss on day 1.22pts

9th 3 lays 2 successful                       Profit on day 0.48pts 

10th 1 lay successful                         Profit on day 1pt

11th 3 lays all unsuccessful                 Loss on day 3.79 pts

12th 4 lays 2 unsuccessful                 Loss on day 0.89 pts

13th i lay unsuccessful                       Loss on day 1.32pts

14th 3 lays all unsuccessful                Loss on day 4.75pts

15th 7 lays 4 unsuccessful                  Loss on day 1.9pts 



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