We end with a couple of tidy winners @ 10/3 & 4/1

Daily log of Premier Tip advice for October 2021

1st Rajinsky wins 4/1              Profit on day 0.5pts

2nd Hukum wins 3/1               Profit on day 0.5pts

3rd Zellie wins 5/1                   Profit on day 2.75pts

4th Dapper Man wins 16/1

Nacho wins 17/2

Carmelo Soprano 

close 3rd 7/1                          Profit on day 14.27pts

5th Nap Pied Piper wins 7.1

Coverham Deah Heats 11/2 

Deputy JOnes 2nd 7/1

Onaraggatip 3rd 12/1              Profit on day 9.23pts

6th Secret Shadow wins 15/2    Profit 1pt 

7th No returns from 3 tips         Loss on day 3.25pts

8th 2 places 8/1& 9/1               Loss on day 1.12pts

9th No returns from 4 tips         Loss on day 4.5pts

10th 1 place 8/1                       Loss on day 3.25pts

 11th 1 place 8/1                     Loss on day 2.7pts

12th Able Kane wins 11/2          Profit on  day 1.05pts

13th No returns from 3 tips        Loss on day 3.75pts

14th No returns from 4 tips        Loss on day 5pts

15th 3 places 

11/2, 5/1 & 8/1                         Loss on  day 0.52pts 

16th 1 place 9/2                        Loss on day 4.3pts

17th No returns from 3 tips        Loss on day 3.5pts

18th Wholelotafun  wins 16/1     Profit on day 5.25pts 

19th 1 place 4/1                        Loss on day 2.5pts 

20th No returns from 4 tips         Loss on day 5.5pts

21st Arian wins 7/2 

Shining Arch wins 7/1                  Profit on day 8.63pts

22nd No returns from 4 tips         Loss on day 4.5pts

23rd 2 places 9/1 & 13/2             Loss on day 1.79pts

24th Wishin N Hoping wins 7/1

Bootlegger 2nd 9/1                      Profit on dsy 9.07pts

25th NO returns from 2 tips          Loss on dat 2pts

26th 3 close 2nds 

4/1, 11/2, 15/2 & a close 4th 16/1  Loss on day 3.31pts 

27th No returns from 4 tips           Loss on day 4.75pts

28th Maamora wins 10/1 

Also 2 places 11/1 & 4/1               Profit on day 3.41pts

29th 2 places 10/1 & 6/1              Loss on day 1.35pts

30th Nap Eagle Ridge wins 4/1      Profit on day 3pts

31st Screaming Colours 2nd 11/1   Loss on day 1.18pts 


Recent Review 

Saturday - It's always tricky at the end of the flat and start of the jumps as you can't be 100% certain whether the flat horses have had enough or if the jumpers are ready to go . Sadly both Bourbon Beauty and Oh Herbert's reign  ran below expectations but Eagle Ridge clearly landed the Nap at 4/1.

Sunday Dreams of Home travelled like a dream but went out like a light , a huge surprise for a stoutly bred sort, worth another try . Mint Condition was another likely sort to be held in the Carlisle mud but Screaming Demon went within an ace of landing an 11/1 Nap, running a cracker in the Cork National only to be beaten by a very unexposed type from the Gordon Elliott stable , who chose today to win his first ever chase ! 



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