Ask Paddington lands the bets @ 5/1

Daily log of Premium Tip advice for April 2021

1st No Service 

2nd Exalted Angel beaten in photo 15/2             Loss on day 2.95pts

3rd No returns from 3 tips                                 Loss on day 3pts

4th Skyace wins 4/1                                          Level day

5th No Returns from 3 tips                                Loss on day 3pts

6th Villanelle @ 6/1 & 

Bounty Pursuit @ 10/1 both 2nd in photos            Level Day 

7th No Service

8th No returns from 3 tips                                  Loss on day 3.25pts

9th No returns from 4 tips                                  Loss on day 5pts

10th No returns from 4 tips                                Loss on day 4pts

11th No returns from 3 tips                                Loss on day 3,25pts

12th Stopnsearch wins 10/3 

Dawaaleeb close 2nd 6/1                                   Profit on day 4.31pts

13th Old News 2nd 11/1                                    Loss on day 1.4pts

14th All Dillon  wins 6/1 

Victory Angel wins 7/1 

Chil Chil close 2nd 15/2                                      Profit on day 7.13pts 

 15th Nap Creative Force wins 4/1 adv

Bannixtown Glory wins 9/1 

Howzer Black placed 15/2                                   Profit on day 9.38pts

16th Nap Came from The Dark wins 4/1               Profit on day 2.75pts

17th Both tips 2nd but no returns from

2 single tips                                                      Loss on day 2.25pts 

18th Outbox placed 8/1

Addeeyeb close 2nd 9/2                                     Loss on day 2.05pts 

19th Ask Paddington wins 5/1

Really Super 2nd 17/2

Also a 3rd                                                         Profit on day 3.1pts 

Recent Review 

Monday - With a strong pace on , Harry Reed didn't get the tip involved in an early skirmish and Ask Paddington bounded up the punishing Hexham hill to land the bets at 5/1

Sarah's Verse wasn't helped by the draw and would probably prefer a stiffer track, but she's consistent and always worth a luck .

Torrent Des Mottes looked to be travelling perfectly well but paid for chasing a strong pace and just missed out on the extra place , but he still should have done better .

Really Super ran another cracking race but the winner is most progressive and further wins look on  



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